Lévrier Greyhound - Once forgotten, never forgotten again...

2 ans que Bushmills Major a été abandonné au poste de police de Dalkeith... 2 ans qu'a commencé sa longue agonie, oublié... au fond d'une cage...

C'est accompagné de deux ex-racers, Tully and Claddagh, que les jeunes Kalya Wells et Beinn Rutherford, 11 ans, sont venus déposer des fleurs et un portrait accompagné d'une petite note commémorative afin que Bushmills Majors ne soit plus jamais oublié...

The Unseen Agony

Lost and wandering all alone
At last brought here to find a home.

A human leaves and says 'so long'
I'd no idea something was wrong.

No food or water comes my way
Although I wait here day by day.

My stomach hurts, my tongue is dry,
Still no one comes - I don't know why.

A kindly word, a pat or stroke
Just anything would give me hope.

My lovely eyes were once so bright
They're clouding now as pain I fight.

My legs give way as all strength goes
The agony just grows and grows.

I lie here now weak and alone
I guess I never find a home.

My eyes are now dimming and finally close
And no one either cares or knows.

I'm just a poor greyhound alone and in pain
This must not be allowed to happen again

* APGAW report 20th May 2007

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